This sweetened beverage creamer is produced from skimmed milk powder, palm oil, sugar and water. The product has been adequately pasteurized and packed in a safe, hygienic condition and is ready to consumer or use it as part of the ingredients.

Condensed milk has a shelf life of 15 months when stored in a cool and dry place max. 25 degrees C. All Dairy products should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources. Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 3 days. Do not freeze.

Condensed milk is packed in tins:

Tins Cartons
390 gram x 24 tins 2.550 cartons / 20ft*
390 gram x 48 tins 1.325 cartons / 20ft*
1.000 gram x 48 tins 1.000 cartons / 20ft*

* 20ft High Cube containers

The production process and packing process ensures a long shelf life of 15 months after production. This product is Halal certified and Cholesterol free.
Total solids: min. 72.0%
Fat:   min. 10.0%
Sucrose: min. 46.5%
Protein: min. 2.0%
Vitamin A:   700 IU per 100 gram
Vitamin D3: 120 IU per 100 gram
pH: min. 6.0